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Your one stop shop for my ramblings on Games, Anime, Movies, and any random nerd topics I like.

Latest from the Blog

Elden Ring: How many hands make light, and rewarding, work

Elden Ring is the newest game that From Software has released and it has been an amazing success among fans. With its gorgeous world, its intense and cinematic boss battles, and the rich cast of characters its easy to see why its so beloved. A part of the game that has been getting more praise…

Divine Intervention: Arceus’ design for the Pokemon world

As many of you are likely aware, Pokemon Legends Arceus recently came out for the Nintendo Switch. If you havent gotten the chance to play it I highly recommend you do. Its easily become one of my favorite games in the series and is absolutely brimming with the lore thats kept me coming back to…

A Year in Media! Favorites of 2021

Hello everyone! Its been a long time since I’ve posted here, technical issues with wordpress and my laptop, but we are back now! And I figured what better topic than some of my favorite things of the past year! This wont be a ranking, just talking about different things ive enjoyed. Anime 1. If you…

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